Travelling with a baby

Travelling with a baby may sound a bit
daunting in the beginning when you are just trying to get your head around your
new babies feeding and sleeping, not to mention the exhaustion that comes with
being a new mum. But enjoyable travel is still achievable with a baby and it
has been said that the stimulation of travelling with baby works wonders for
some mother’s mental health.

So whether it is a quick trip to see family
or an adventure to explore the world we have a few tips to help it go smoothly
for you.


Think “pack like a minimalist”, only take
what you really need. Babies don’t need as much as we think, especially

Organise you bag with small drawstring bags, that way you can see
exactly what you need and even grab it with one hand if needed.


Nappy bag / day Bag

Make sure your nappy bag is suitable in the
airport as well as to use as a day bag for holiday adventures.

We suggest our
luxe Arch bag, it can be put into backpack mode in the airport freeing up your
hands, it has a zip to close preventing opportunistic thieves, an external zip
pocket which fits passports and it has plenty of space for all of the

As a bonus – it is unisex – so you can share the load with dad.


Nappy changing

a ready-to-go nappy changing kit, so that on the flight you can just grab it
when needed. Our nappy clutch is perfect for this. Check out this recent
comment from one of our customers:

“Love my nappy clutch.
Being able to just take the necessities into a bathroom was great when I was
travelling on a plane with toddler and baby”

  • Nappy backpacks that converts to a tote
  • Nappy bag backpacks for when you are out with baby and need your hands free
  • Lightweight nappy bags that can be carried as a backpack
  • Nappy bag backpacks even dads won't mind carrying
  • Nappy bag backpacks that have lots of compartments for baby essentials
  • Arch Bags money back guarantee

Baby wearing

A baby carrier is an absolute essential
when travelling. It is helpful when feeding baby, rocking them to sleep, or
even when they just need a cuddle.

Bonus - you can have baby on the front and
your Arch bag on the back leaving your hands free!

Be flexible

Let’s be honest, its not all going to go to plan. Although keeping baby on the same sleeping routine as at home is recommended, this has to come with some flexibility when travelling.

So be prepared to go with the flow when needed.

Most of all enjoy the special time you have travelling with your baby, as they say “Adventures are the best way to learn”