At ARCH Bags we understand #mumlife …

It’s the most amazing, magical, beautiful thing BUT it can be tough.

And one thing I know is that there are times when we feel like we just haven’t got enough HANDS.


Hi, I’m Amy!

I’m the founder here at ARCH Bags. I am lucky enough to be Mum to three beautiful boys. 💕

Rewind to just a few years ago – When I first became a Mum. (Wow! That was a shock to the system)

I thought I had everything I could possibly need for my new baby - INCLUDING a traditional HUGE nappy bag to fit all the stuff I could possibly need to venture out with bub.

It turned out huge nappy bags are HEAVY. You have to wrestle to fit them under the pram and they fall off your shoulder whenever you bend down.

Then my beautiful, high energy, non-stop baby started walking at 9 months old 😲 and quickly progressed to running. 

It was time to get another nappy bag – but I couldn’t find the perfect one.

I decided to design my own bag that could easily convert from tote to backpack – and look stylish at the same time. It had to be unisex - a bag that Dads will actually want to carry.

So, the original ARCH bag was born. Named after my first son Archer.

I love that my ARCH bags are out there making #mumlife and #dadlife easier.

I love that we are providing more hands-free moments for cuddles, for adventures and of course for coffee.

AND I love reading reviews like this one from lovely customer Chloe-

"I finally found a nappy bag that ticks all the boxes. I wanted a bag that doesn't look like a nappy bag, is unisex and allows me to have my hands free to juggle #mumlife. I was so excited when I found ARCH Bags- I tell everyone about them. It is now my go-to baby shower gift!"


Check out the original ARCH Bag here!

If you have any questions – me and my team will be happy to chat.