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For stylish and functional nappy bag backpacks, ARCH Bags is the mama essential you need. With easy tote-to-backpack conversion, and a unisex design for dad-friendly wear, the ARCH Bag is the best choice for families who always have adventure on their mind!

There’s plenty of internal space to pack your baby’s must-have items, as well as room to safely store your keys, phone and wallet. Enjoy all your outings hands-free with ARCH Bags!

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Nappy Bag Backpacks

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What makes Arch Nappy Bags the best Nappy Bag Backpacks in Australia?

Forget fiddly, fussy accessories. The ARCH Nappy Bag is designed to go from tote to nappy bag backpack in seconds. As any parent knows, a child’s needs can change with a moment’s notice, so being able to adapt quickly and easily is a smart move.

You’ll also love just how easy it is to hang on your pram. Hands down, the ARCH Nappy Bag Backpack is the best nappy bag to free up your hands no matter where you are. Plus, the stylish, unisex designs make it a great one that dads will even love to carry.  

How big is the Arch Bag Nappy Bag Backpack?

With a volume of 27L and measuring 40cm x 45cm x 15cm, our Nappy Bag Backpack provides a generous amount of space without adding bulk. You’ll find it easy to carry all your personal and baby essentials in this roomy, easily accessible bag.

How to organise a Nappy Bag Backpack?

In the ARCH Nappy Bag Backpack, you’ll find a spacious main compartment, ideal for holding spare clothes, comforters and any other bigger items that you need with you when you head out for the day. 

Smaller items such as nappies, wipes and change mat can be easily tucked into the side pockets for quick access and organisation. There’s even a small internal zip pocket, perfect for things you need to grab quickly, like a dummy or hand sanitiser.

If you want to make it more organised, our range of matching Wallets and Pram Clips will help you pull together a highly functional, stylish nappy bag backpack to suit your every need. 

What to look for in a Nappy Bag Backpack?

If you are in the market for a nappy bag backpack, the ARCH Bag is certainly worth your time and consideration. Its lightweight design and easy to clean exterior and interview make it a fuss-free option for busy parents. Additionally, the highly functional nature of this bag means all the necessary compartments, pockets and zips are there to keep your items safe and secure. 

Just as yours, and your babies’ needs change over time, the ARCH Bag will be ready to adapt to those changes with you. In fact, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it so much, you’ll continue to use your ARCH Bag long after your littlest one no longer needs you to carry their gear around!