Ultimate Nappy Bag Backpacks in Australia

The Ultimate Nappy Bag Backpack for new mums

When it comes to nappy bags, mums everywhere, whether they’re new mums or seasoned mums, are usually on the lookout for the ultimate bag that will get them through every day with their growing tribe. Afterall, a good nappy bag is an essential accessory for mums—it needs to have features that make mum-life easier and fuss-free.

If you haven’t committed to buying one yet, or perhaps you are on your first or second bag, and still not entirely sure it’s serving you well, why not check out our Nappy Bag Backpacks? It will have you reconsidering what is important in a handy mum and bub carryall.


What is a Nappy Bag Backpack?

As the name suggests, our nappy bag can be worn as a backpack. Clever convertible straps allow you to instantly slip into backpack mode, ensuring that both your hands are free for all the important things that pop up. Think back to a time where you had to juggle an unwieldy bag and manage a tired or grumpy child at the same time. Having both hands free would have been a total game-changer, right?

Nappy Bag Backpack worn as a tote

Mum wearing a nappy bag backpack

So let’s unpack this idea a little more! Unlike regular backpacks, our nappy bag backpacks are built with mums in mind. That means the internal compartments, pockets and storage spaces are designed especially for all the daily baby essentials you need for a successful trip out with bubs. 

 Nappy Bag backpacks with plenty of internal compartments

Nappy Bag Backpacks vs Conventional Nappy Bags

Conventional nappy bags come with thick over-the-shoulder band straps, and there’s usually plenty of space to store nappies, wipes, dummies and bottles. 

But as is sometimes the case, the volume of ‘things’ that get packed often makes these bags quite heavy. Gravity kicks in and you find yourself tensing your shoulder to keep the bag from sliding down your arm. This can throw your posture out and lead to muscular tension or imbalances that wreak havoc with your overall well being. We’re pretty sure you’d agree that no mum wants (or needs) to deal with neck or shoulder pain after a long day out and about with baby. 


So what’s on offer? Please see the table below for a comparison of Nappy Bags vs Nappy Bag Backpacks. 


Essentially, the ARCH Bag Nappy Bag Backpack is two bags in one. You can wear it as a tote for a simple throw-over-the-shoulder bag when you are rushing out the door. Or you can convert it into a nappy bag backpack if you are planning on being out for the day. What if plans change on the run? No problem! You can convert it while out and about since it is an easy process of simply adjusting the handles.

Our Nappy Bag Backpack holds the same volume of contents as a conventional nappy bag, but being made of lightweight canvas, and with the option to convert to a backpack, it allows you to distribute the weight evenly over your shoulders and back to make the load much more bearable. 

Want to know another beautiful aspect of our nappy bag backpacks? They’re even less heavy when you don’t have to carry them at all! And, because they look NOTHING like a conventional nappy bag, dads are happy to put their hand up when it comes to carrying them! It’s another game-changing element, and any step towards helping dads have more input and involvement is worth celebrating. 100 percent! 




Which nappy bag backpack is right for you?

Not only have we considered the way a nappy bag backpack can help you get from A to Z with your baby, we’ve also designed different types of nappy bag backpacks to suit the variety of mums out there. Each mum has their own needs, lifestyle and parenting styles; what may be the best nappy bag for one might not be the best choice for another. 

So let’s take a look at the different nappy bag backpack styles: 

 Nappy Bag Backpacks vs Nappy Bags

Original Nappy Bag Backpack

If convenience is key for you, look no further than the Original Nappy Bag Backpack. Featuring our clever backpack conversion design, a free change mat and snap clip closing, this bag has all the hallmarks of fuss-free baby outings. 

There’s no need to wrestle with zips one-handed. The snap clip closure will keep all your essentials tucked safely away, but you can still access the contents quickly if you are carrying your baby or doing nappy changes on the run. 




Luxe Nappy Bag Backpack

For those who prefer a little more security and a few extra features, the Luxe Nappy Bag Backpack design is the perfect solution.

This generously sized bag has a zip closure, keeping the bag’s contents securely packed away no matter what adventure you’re on. Inside, we’ve added insulated bottle pockets, so that you can organise your essentials neatly. And, on the outside, a small external pocket is perfect for tucking keys or phone away for easy access whenever you need them. 

Included with this bag is a free change mat, plus it boasts the same tote-to-backpack conversion. The Luxe styles feature the same lightweight canvas with a stylish, sleek leather feature around the bottom of the bag. Or you can go all out and choose from our Vegan Leather range for the most stylish bag of all!




New season nappy bag backpacks

Now that you have decided which nappy bag backpack suits your needs, let’s look at the new season styles so you can pick the perfect colour just for you.


Arch Bag Original Nappy Bag Backpack 2022

The look of your bag is just as important as its functionality. Well, that’s what we think anyway! So, with that in mind we have a variety of on-trend colours that will complement your sense of style and lifestyle needs.

For most, Black is the ultimate colour choice. We know you’ll appreciate a classic, stylish accessory that’s easy to match with every outfit and look.

But some mums prefer to be a bit more adventurous, so our Original style also comes in a choice of Grey and Mustard. They are perfect for adding a fun touch of colour without being too difficult to match with your outfits. 



Arch Bag Luxe Nappy Bag Backpack 2022

In the Luxe canvas range, a leather feature around the bottom of the bag gives a hint of designer style. Find your favourite from among our chic lineup in: Black, Grey/Tan, Grey, Mustard and Navy.  

Our Luxe range also comes in beautiful Vegan Leather in Tan, Black and Olive colourways. These are great for mums who love a leather look and need something that’s easy to keep clean.

If there’s one thing we hope to achieve here at ARCH Bags, it is that our range of nappy bag backpacks make your motherhood journey a little bit easier and take a load off your shoulders, so to speak!  

If you have any questions about ARCH Bags features or functions, we’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email if you have any questions. We are always happy to help answer your questions and queries.



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