Our 10 Best Parenting Hacks!

Our 10 Best Parenting Hacks!

If you have been following along with us on Instagram or Facebook you will know we LOVE a good parenting hack! And who doesn’t right! Every Wednesday we try to post a little tip or trick to help with life as a parent (or at least to give you a laugh at the extent some of us will go to).

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 Time to share our top 10 all-time favorite parenting hacks.

  1. The Tissue Trick – This one is always a winner!

If you can’t get baby to settle to sleep, try stroking a tissue over baby’s face gently until they fall asleep. Sounds crazy – but this actually works! And if there is something all new parents want more of its sleep!

  1. A backpack nappy bag – OK yes, this one is a tad biased, but also total genius.

It's easy to get swept up in baby registry madness, but that giant nappy bag won't be nearly as cute when you're struggling to carry it and the capsule. And trying to smush it under the pram? Annoying. A backpack designed with baby in mind frees up the hands, plus dad won't mind holding it. Our nappy bags convert between shoulder bag and backpack, so you get the best of both worlds.

      3. How to prevent your baby boy from peeing on you – Yep it will happen! 

Try wiping a wet wipe under his belly button right before a nappy change. This is said to make him pee before you take off his nappy - as fresh air prompts the same reaction. Worth a try right!?

     4. Emergency car kit – because us Mama’s have got to be prepared!

Keep an emergency kit in your car just in case Bub has a blowout (it happens to the best of us!). Think nappies, wipes, a change of clothes for Bub and a change of clothes for yourself. Our clutch change mat is perfect for this.

     5. Fussy eaters – Most kids seem to go through a fussy eating stage at some point.

 There is nothing more frustrating than spending an hour cooking something you’re sure your little one will love - for them to not even taste it!

Try including your little one in the cooking process. They might just be so proud of their own cooking that they actually take a few bites!

It’s always a good idea to have ingredients measured out ready for your toddler to put in - to minimize the mess!

  1. Layering the cot -This will save you in the middle of the night!

 Layer the cot with mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector, sheet. When baby wets through and you need fresh sheets at 3am you will thank us! Just rip off a layer and your good to pop Bub back in. ⠀


  1. Noisy Kids toys – If you feel your eye start to twitch every time your kids Wiggles guitar starts to play, this one is for you!

Pop some sticky tape over the speaker to muffle the sound! Genius! We all need this one in our lives.

  1. Snacks are life – For a toddler at least.

Stash nonperishable snacks everywhere! -nappy bag, glove compartment, stroller, your purse or laptop bag - for those moments when hunger strikes unexpectedly. Snacks fix everything!

  1. Keep your valuables safe at the beach – Beach days are a total winner for kids, but you don’t want to be stuck at your beach camp watching your belongings.

 Try rolling your valuables up in a nappy.  Potential thieves will be fooled into thinking it’s just a dirty nappy - ain’t nobody going to touch that thing!

     10. Get a man friendly nappy bag – Smart Mamas are all over this one!

This is the best way to ensure your man will be happy to carry the nappy bag. Amazing!

 To save your sanity a couple more of our personal favorites are - baby wearing and trying to get out of the house each day. Us Mama’s have to stick together. If you have a parenting hack, we would love for you to send it through!

The ARCH Bags Team  xx

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