Best Nappy Bag Gifts for New Mums

Best Nappy Bag Gifts for New Mums

As precious as those baby kicks and belly rubs are, nothing compares to the joy and excitement of those first moments meeting your little one face-to-face.

And, nothing can quite prepare you for just how much ‘stuff’ new babies need. Yes, babies may be small, but when it comes to paraphernalia, there can often seem no end to the bundles, packets and gadgets that are necessary to help them (and their mums) get through the day. And what about all that gear that they seem to outgrow overnight? Prams, car seats, bassinets and change tables are some of the things parents might be looking to upgrade as the months and years roll by.

One essential item that babies need is a sturdy, functional nappy bag. Although, this really is something the new or expecting mum is going to have her eye on. At ARCH Bags, we realised that since a nappy bag is really for the mamas, and not the babies, it has to be both functional and stylish. Cue the Nappy Bag Backpack.

But, let’s not stop there. A stylish nappy bag backpack is good, but a nappy bag backpack bundle full of stylish and functional nappy bag products is the bomb! We’re all for anything that makes mum-life easier.

Arch Nappy Bag Bundles


What is included in the nappy bag bundles?

Those first few outings with your new baby can feel overwhelming. You may only be attempting a cafe visit or attending an appointment, but you may very well feel as though you’re enroute to an overnight stay with all the gear you have onboard. That’s where our bundles can help: a spacious multifunctional bag, chic, matching pram clips and sleek, time-saving nappy clutch, all designed to give new mums everything they need to make outings with baby streamlined, relaxed and stylish.

And, because different occasions call for different looks, ARCH Bags has created a range of bags that are suitable for everyday use, or for dressing up when you have a more formal event to attend.

Nappy Bag Backpack Australia

The Best Nappy Bag Backpack in Australia

If there is a nappy bag that represents ease and convenience, it’s the ARCH Nappy Bag Backpack. Its most winning feature is its ability to transform from a backpack to tote as your needs change throughout the day. Go hands-free or simply throw it over your shoulder for a quick dash out the door.

Of course, there’s more to love! Whether you choose the Original or Luxe versions, our stylish unisex design makes it the type of nappy bag that dads won’t mind carrying. Plus, with lots of roomy compartments, a complementary change mat and easy to clean both inside and out, it’s the type of bag that has ‘game changer’ written all over it.


Best nappy bag gift bundle in Australia

Pram clips, a mum’s best friend

What is better than a nappy bag that you can wear as a backpack for when you need a spare set of hands? A nappy bag that carries itself! With a pair of Arch Bags pram clips you don’t have to shoulder the load yourself. Simply, attach your nappy bag to your pram handle and let the clips do the heavy lifting.

These pram clips are designed to match the trimmings on the nappy bag backpacks, so you can carry that stylish theme throughout your entire look. In addition to holding your nappy bag in place, the pram clips will also hold your shopping bags. By attaching your nappy bag to the pram, you’ll get easy access to your phone, keys, wallet or baby items without having to rummage through the undercarriage of the pram.


Nappy bag clutch

The best things come in small packages

The ARCH Nappy Clutch might be small in size but it can hold approximately three nappies, wipes, your phone, keys and a wallet. It’s perfect for that quick dash to the shops, as a spare change set that you can keep in the car or for occasions when a big, bulky nappy bag simply won’t do. It conveniently transforms into a change mat with a comfy pillow for bubs, protecting baby from restaurant and public changing facilities.


So whether you are looking for a nappy bag for yourself, or you want to spoil an expectant mum-to-be, this trio of nappy bags and accessories certainly won’t disappoint. And, if you are keen to try it out risk-free, our 30-day money back guarantee gives you the flexibility to experience it ‘in the flesh’ to really know if it will suit your needs. But, like so many other mums Australia-wide have found, we’re confident you will absolutely love your ARCH Bag.

Nappy Bag Bundle customer reviews


What some of our lovely customers think of our nappy bags and pram clips

“Such an awesome bag, great quality, stylish and practical. The fact that you can convert it from a tote to a backpack is so handy and I haven't seen another like it on the market. I have had SO many compliments on it its not funny. Would highly recommend to everyone!” - Sera

“I absolutely love all of these products. They are super high quality, functional and beautifully stylish. The fact that you can change the strap to different styles is the best makes it extra versatile which is great when you are carrying a million things at once including a baby. I also like having the change mat and clutch. I keep the change mat in my nappy bag and have the clutch all packed ready to go for quick trips. It's great to have that option when you are running out the door. I'm so glad I made these purchases. Love. Love. Love.” - Anonymous

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