Help! How Do I Plan a Baby Shower!?!?!

Help! How Do I Plan a Baby Shower!?!?!

So, your sister from another mister (or from the same mister🤔 ) is having a baby. Hooray. Time to get your party planning pants on - Don’t worry – we have some helpful tips.

A baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate the mum-to-be and to help welcome her new baby into the world! Check out our guide to planning a baby shower.

Invitations and guest list

OK first things first.

Set the date - Figure out a good date and time for the party. Baby showers generally take place during the last two months of pregnancy before the baby is due to arrive. Plan on about 3 hours for the baby shower depending on the time of day you choose to host the party. A brunch baby shower, for example, could take place from 10am–1 pm, while an afternoon baby shower could run from 2–5 pm.  Baby showers are traditionally thrown for a mother’s first child, but modern mamas have been known throw smaller dos for their second and third babies – called baby sprinkles.

Second, create the guest list. It’s not uncommon to have more than one baby shower, so decide if you are planning one baby shower or perhaps separate it into to one for family and one for friends. You’ll also want to decide if the event will be for women only or if men and children will be invited too. A trend at the moment is the baby-Q, a laid-back afternoon BBQ where men and children are welcome as well.

When it comes to invitations, consider mailing a paper invitation (the traditional method) or sending a digital invitation. Invitations should be sent at least three weeks in advance of the baby shower to allow time for guests to RSVP.   


A theme can be a fun way to make the day memorable. When your thinking about a theme – try thinking about something unique to the mum-to-be. Think favourite colour, flower or food.

Baby Shower Games

OK - When it comes to baby shower games, there are two types of mums-to-be: those who love games and those who hate them.

If the shower is for a mum who loves games, figure out a few fun and simple games that all guests can enjoy: think baby bingo, pin the nappy on the baby, baby-themed crossword puzzles, etc.

If the shower is for a mum who’s not into games, leave the games out. You could include fun individual activities like asking guests to write down their advice for the new parents, guessing baby-to-be's gender / weight / arrival date or even taking snapshots with a Polaroid camera to include in a guest book to commemorate the baby shower. 

Baby Shower Decorations

Balloons are always a great idea - easy and relatively inexpensive. Think balloon garlands, or a balloon arch – this makes a great photo prop. Select balloons that match the color or theme of the baby shower. Another fun balloon idea is to spell out the word BABY or the MUM-TO-BE.

Flowers are also another great way to add flair to your baby shower. Choose blooms that coordinate with the rest of the baby shower colour and consider selecting the mum-to-be’s favorites.

Baby Shower Food

We are loving the grazing table trend! Not only do they look great in photos but they are actually super easy to do yourself. You can go for a savory or sweet table or combine the two.


Baby Shower Gifts 

When it comes to baby shower gifts, there’s no shortage of great gift ideas! A lot of mums-to-be will create a baby registry, so if you're the gift-giver be sure to refer to her registry for gift ideas. Some great gift ideas include a nappy bag, change mat clutch, baby clothes, nappies and wipes, swaddles, and toys. Big-ticket items like a car seat, monitor or stroller are great ideas for group gifts. 

 We love the idea of a book instead of a card, the guest buys a book for baby and writes their note inside the front cover. It helps to start a great book collection for baby plus its such a sweet keep-sake to show the baby when they are older. Just include a note on your invitation such as -



OK most important of all – enjoy the day and spoil that mama-to-be.


The ARCH Bags Team   xx


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