• "I am using my Arch as a work bag - I wear it as a backpack for walking and on the bus, then as a shoulder bag when getting to work. It fits my laptop as well as all of my essentials. The versatility is great - I have had so many compliments already." Ava

  • "These bags are amazing, I use it everyday as my work bag. My work mate loved the versatility of the straps and size so much she bought one for herself too! " Lian

  • "I purchased this as a bag for uni and I LOVE it! It’s such a cool style and being able to switch to backpack when it’s too heavy is amazing. Absolute genius. I will be recommending it to all of my friends!" Ally

What do you really need in a work / student bag?

Your bag is basically your sidekick, right? So why settle for anything less than perfect? Whether you're trekking to work, bouncing between classes, or just out for a stroll, your bag needs to be the ultimate combo of comfort and style. But what exactly makes a dream bag? Let us break it down for you.

1. Multiple Ways to Wear

Make sure you can wear it as a backpack or tote! This will save you from getting a sore back as well as making walking easier AND keeping your hands free when needed.

Arch bags unique strap design allows transition from tote to backpack in just SECONDS!! Making life easier for people on the move. Think- the only car park you could get is a bit of a walk from your destination, pop your bag on your back and walk in comfort. When you get there, switch it to stylish tote.

“Love love love! This bag is a game changer being able to quickly change from backpack to on the shoulder! I am a teacher and it fits everything! The inside pockets really help with organisation can not recommend enough!” Anna SA

  • As a tote

  • As a Backpack

2. The right size!

Don’t choose a bag that is REALLY big, because you will fill it up with stuff that you don’t need and it will be HEAVY AF. Make sure the bag you chose has enough room, but not too much. Arch bags are the perfect size, with room for your laptop, lunch, reusable coffee cup, water bottle and much more.


3. It needs to be your style

When it comes to bags, choose a style that's your soulmate, not a science experiment. Make finding a bag that makes you feel good a priority. After all, if it doesn't make you feel fabulous, you'll be more likely to ditch it than use it. So, skip the bells and whistles, and go for the bag that speaks to your heart (and your fashion sense) every day!

At Arch bags we love minimal coastal style that elevates any outfit.

Your choice of bag becomes more than just an accessory—it becomes a reflection of our style, and in 2024 versatility is becoming a priority.

"The perfect everyday bag for to and from work and weekend adventures. These bags are a comfortable, convenient and attractive improvement of the standard handbag." Jo


Our super fast and function strap designs mean that the bag can be converted in SECONDS.

There is only 1 step - Pull the straps.


Meet the founder

"I first designed this bag as a nappy bag, but its popularity as an everyday bag has taken off. Which makes total sense - parents aren't the only ones who want a super practicle bag that doesn't compromise on style. I love seeing Arch bags out and about and hearing about the different ways that customers are using their bag." Amy

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  • "I am totally crushing on the original ARCH Bag. I love that I can easily access what I need from my bag without trying to undo a zip. I love the grey, it is definitely my style." Hannah

  • "I love my ARCH Luxe bag. I wanted a bag with a zip to close, to keep it secure on public transport. I also plan to travel with it and think it will be great for airports and daytrips." Georgie