Don't Get Caught Out With These 5 Nappy Bag Mistakes!

Let's face it, navigating the world of nappy bags and baby gear can make your head spin faster than a baby mobile. With all that's on your plate, we're here to share our insider knowledge and save you from the dreaded baby bag graveyard (where bags go to collect dust and baby wipes).

Say goodbye to decision fatigue and hello to some sanity-saving tips that will keep your nappy bag collection in check! 🎒💫

5. Its got ALL the features but it's just not your style

Don’t get too caught up in all the “features” of a nappy bag and buy something that is just not your style. Some bags out there come with more gimmicks than a magician's hat – we're talking ultrasonic sterilizers, built-in vacuum cleaners, removable linings, pockets galore, and even a detachable dummy case. But let's get real, who's got time for all that?

When it comes to nappy bags, choose a style that's your soulmate, not a science experiment. After all, if it doesn't make you feel fabulous, you'll be more likely to ditch it than use it. So, skip the bells and whistles, and go for the bag that speaks to your heart (and your fashion sense) every day!

4. Too Big - Heavy AF

Don’t choose a bag that is REALLY big, because you will fill it up with stuff that you don’t need and it will be HEAVY AF. Make sure the bag you chose has enough room, but not too much. Give us some space and us Mama’s tend to find a way to fill it. You will regret it when you are out and about trying to lug it around while chasing your toddler.


3. It's Pretty but not functional

It can’t just be pretty; it needs to be super functional too. Although we like to think that motherhood is all chilled coffee dates and baby giggles – but let’s be honest – 💩 will hit the fan at some point (hopefully not literally). You will be out with a screaming baby or a toddler who is doing a runner and you need to be able to quickly flip your bag into a backpack. This is a big one.


2. It Looks Like A Baby Bag

It looks like a nappy bag. Go for a bag that doesn’t look like its full of nappies and baby clothes. That way you will get a lot more use out of your bag well beyond your kids being in nappies.


1. Your Partner Wouldn't be Seen Dead Carrying It

We get it, the allure of a super girly bag that perfectly complements your pram is oh-so tempting. But here's the deal-breaker: If your partner won't touch it with a ten-foot pole, you're in for some solo nappy bag duty, and that's no fun for anyone!

You want a bag that Dad volunteers to carry every time! You will thank us for this one later.


And now for the bag that we designed to solve all of these problems ....

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