There's something about walking in nature...

There's something about walking in nature...

There is something about being immersed in nature that helps us feel calm and grounded. Before we had kids we would take any opportunity to wander in the bush or on the beach. It great for a bit of exercise and good for the soul. 

Then we had a baby and suddenly we felt restricted to pram friendly paths. Sure we could wear the baby carrier but where would we put the nappies, wipes, bottles and all the other essentials.We couldn't carry a big traditional nappy bag right?!

Our ARCH Bag has solved this problem for us - it is the perfect bag for a day of wandering bush tracks or exploring rock pools. We put our bub in the carrier and our bag in backpack mode and off we went. When you have a baby you don't need to give up those simple pleasures for convenience. Our bag is made to compliment your lifestyle. 

As our eldest boy grew into toddler-hood - we saw such a huge difference in his behavior when he was outside exploring nature. According to The Child Mind Institute there are many benefit to kids spending time in their natural surroundings. It helps build confidence, encourages creativity and imagination, reduces stress and fatigue and it gets kids moving. 

Although the easy option is often staying home - for us a walk in nature is often the best cure for the sleep deprivation that comes with being a Mum and gives you a little more patience to deal with those inevitable tantrums. 

And if you need a bit more convincing here are 4 reasons walking is great for new Mum's according to Better Health

  • It makes you less tired because it improves your energy levels and sense of well being
  • It improves your mood, relieves stress and can help prevent postpartum depression
  • It promotes weight loss
  • It improves your cardiovascular fitness and restores muscle strength

To be the best mum you can be, you need to look after yourself. Find that little something that helps you recharge the batteries and make it a part of your routine. 

The ARCH Bags team  xx 

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