My 5 Must Have’s for a New Baby

My 5 Must Have’s for a New Baby

When you are preparing for a new baby it is so hard to know what you really need. There are so many baby products on the market, it easy to become overwhelmed. As a mother of three now, I thought I would share my must have's for a new baby.

All babies are different, with two of my three I have found those first three months to be so challenging. In those first few months, us mothers get to experience some of the most amazing, heart warming moments but also some of the hardest and most exhausting times too.

These goodies helped me get through and left more time for baby snuggles and taking a million photos of baby sleeping (we all do it!🤷‍♀️🤣)

  1. A functional nappy bag (slightly biased) – Our bags are super convenient when out and about with baby. Put it in backpack mode so that your hands are free to carry baby, capsule or much needed coffee. Pop it into tote mode when its not too heavy. And best of all – get dad to carry it!
  2. A good swaddle – A swaddle that keeps hands still helps baby get more sleep (and that means Mama gets more sleep). Newborn babies have a startle mechanism and they wake themselves up if their hands are moving around. You can wrap bub up yourself with muslin swaddles, or buy one that zips up or does up with Velcro. And a pro tip - in the cooler months, if you have a little Houdini – Double up – use a muslin swaddle with a Velcro swaddle over the top. There’s no way those little hand will escape! I love the cocoon swaddles by ergo pouch and the newborn swaddles by baby loves sleep.
  3. A baby swing – This is an absolute life saver! Especially if you have other little kiddies who need your attention. Get a swing that has a nice rocking motion to sooth baby, it’s the next best thing to a cuddle from Mum or Dad. Pop bubs in there giving you time to look after other kids, grab something to eat or even a quick shower. You can grab from baby shops or better yet, pick one up second hand. 
  4. A red night light – Red light stimulates the bodies melatonin production which encourages sleep, not just for baby but for Mum too. I find if I turn lights on when I’m up in the night feeding it takes a long time to fall back to sleep. Leaving a red night light on makes night time feeds easy and helps mum and baby fall back to sleep. Anything for sleep! I love the aroma dream light/ vaporizer.
  5. Baby Carrier – I have loved using baby carriers with all of my babies. Its great for using around the house to get things done and keep active while baby wants to be held. If you love to walk on the sand – its an absolute must. I love the one by Ergobaby.

After three babies, I use all of these things every day and I couldn’t live without them.

Amy – ARCH Bags   xx


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