Is your nappy bag contributing to your back pain as a new Mum?

Is your nappy bag contributing to your back pain as a new Mum?

So you've just experienced the joy of bringing a new life into this world and then .....postpartum back pain hits you! 

Whether it be a problem stemming from pregnancy, from the hours spent feeding and changing baby or from the mountain of stuff you now need to carry just to venture out of the house - it ain't fun. 

According to nearly 50% of women suffer lower back pain in the first few months after delivering a baby. 

As a new mum - you need to look after yourself! It's time to give your nappy bag a health makeover!

Here are some tips to stop that nappy bag contributing to your achy back:

  • Get all Marie Kondo on your nappy bag! Sort through your bag regularly and remove items you don't need. Try to just take the essentials - easier said than done as a new mum but we can try. 
  • Choose a bag that can be used as a backpack. Wearing a bag on one side can cause or reinforce muscle imbalances in the shoulder and spine according to nbc news
  • The bigger and bulkier you bag is the more likely you are to fill it with things you might not need. Lots of us Mum's are guilty of this one - give us a bag and we will fill it! Baby needs a fourth set of spare clothes right?!
  • Work on your posture mama! This is the last thing you are thinking about on minimal sleep but it is important. See you physiotherapist or health care professional for advise on strengthening muscles and stretching. 
  • Choose a bag that is unisex, that way your man is more likely to offer to carry the bag! This one is definitely a smart mum move. 

Check out our convertible nappy bags to see if they are the right fit for you - hopefully they help prevent some of that new mama back pain. 


The ARCH bags team xx 



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