Help!!! What do I pack in my nappy bag!

Help!!! What do I pack in my nappy bag!

When it comes to motherhood there is nothing more necessary than the perfect nappy bag!  Filled with all the essentials. That’s why we designed the original ARCH bag to be both stylish and functional.

Whichever nappy bag you choose – we have listed the things you want handy in your bag – and we have shared some of our favourite brands.


Nappy Bag Checklist-

  • Portable change mat – When you are out and about a change mat is a must! You can whip it out for a quick change on the grass at the park, plus you don’t know what has touched those nasty shopping centre change tables. Our nappy bags come with a free change mat, so we’ve got you covered on this one.
  • Nappies – Of course! Depending on how long you’ll be out you probably want to keep a stash of 3-4 nappies in your bag (and spares in the car). We love Thank You nappies -Thankyou’s aim is to reduce global poverty by helping individuals make better consumer choices.
  • Wipes- You will use these for EVERYTHING not just wiping poop! Think baby spit up, sticky fingers, spilt coffee – keep them handy. We love water wipes.
  • Hand Sanitiser – If there is one thing us mothers are slightly paranoid about its GERMS! And for good reason nobody wants to see their little one unwell. We love Community Co – They give back to local communities.
  • Nappy rash cream – If bub has a rash you want to have some cream handy to keep them comfortable. We love Natralus Happy Bottom.
  • Poop bags – its not glamourous but your going to need them. We love the biodegradable ones by wotnot.
  • Breastfeeding Cover- If you chose to use a cover when breastfeeding make sure it is breathable and light weight. We love the cover by Zoe Sage.
  • Bottles – Our bags have bottle pockets to fit any brand of bottles – even a water bottle for mum. We love Minbie bottles.
  • Baby Food and Snacks – If your baby is up to solids, you do not want to be caught out without snacks! You do not want a hangry baby. AND don’t forget a snack for mum.
  • Burp Cloths – Be sure to have a burp cloth ready when feeding, especially if your bub is a chucker. We love the beautiful patterns by Little Miss Flossy
  • Baby Hat and sunscreen – A must for us here in the sunburnt country. We love hats by bed head and natural sunscreen by baby bum.
  • A Dummy – If your bub needs a dummy to settle, you don’t want be caught without it. We love natural rubber soothers.
  • A change of clothes for bub – because you never know when that number 3 (poo explosion) will hit!

A little nappy bag hack is to repack your nappy bag when you get home – that way its there ready when you are heading out next and you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Hopefully this list of nappy bag essentials helps you get your nappy bag sorted – All fits nicely in our ARCH Nappy bag.


The ARCH Bags Team  xx

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